Our Rack Set-Up

When you place to much gear in the chain you run the risk of over processing and loss of audio integrity.  So when it comes to our audio rack, we keep it simple.  Our audio rack set-up is as follows:

PreSonus Studio One Channel

This is a killer pre-amp, compressor, and EQ all rolled into one and it will get the job done on all recordings.  We use it on everything!

Behringer Tube Ultragain T1953 
This puppy is a very warm tube pre-amp.  Not very harsh with a high pass and low pass filter.  It also has phase reversal and frequency altering capabilities.

462 BBE Sonic Maximizer
This is basically a phase correcting exciter that lifts the mud off of all recordings.

Multigate Pro XR4400

This is a noise gate that we use on live drums.  Used correctly, no noise can penetrate this baby!

Ultragraph Digital DEQ1024

If you don't know how to EQ, stay away from this one.  For professionals only.  It is an EQ that lets you boost frequencies to an un-natural level without an un-natural sound.

882i Sonic Maximizer
Just another phase correcting exciter that takes the mud off of all recordings adding clarity.

Behringer ADA 8200
This is a great ADA converter with a transparent sound.  It gives us 8 mic pre-amps to use!

The Audiobox 1818VSL
This is the audio interface that does it all.  It is so powerful! It sounds great!  It gives us another 8 mic pre-amps for a total of 16 mic pre channels!

VSL Fat Channel

This virtual software rounds off the team.  Although it is virtual, it has a powerful EQ, noise gate, and compressor that it processes into the signal before it enters the DAW.  We love it!

No matter what equipment you use to record your music, use it well and become a master at it.  A great song is a great song no matter what equipment it is recorded on.  

"By Kelvin Butler" Kelvin Butler is the author of this blog. He also is part owner of KBJ Records.com, a website that caters to the working class musician by offering affordable services in audio mastering, and more. Learn about his very affordable offers at www.kbjrecords.com


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